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Portland area 2018 Halloween Events and Activities. Spooky trails, Creepy graveyards, Doll Asylum, Apple Tasting, Corn Mazes and more!!. Fun for the whole family. Click for details!

Albertina Kerr Project Phase I; April 27th Construction Update

Albertina Kerr Begins Construction on $1.5M Project in West Gresham. Phase I; April 27th Construction Update. Info here!

Phase I; April 27th Construction Update
A message to our neighbors from Pam Krecklow, Real Estate & Construction Manager, Albertina Kerr:


As expected last week was just full of activity but the good news is everyone made it through without a scratch, expect for a buried 8" pipe.

A recap of last week activities included:

  • The 2014 flood, which was caused by a failed pipe fitting and all that water had to go somewhere. Just glad we got it stopped before entering the Sub Acute facility but it was a close one
  • This event did cause Sub Acute's water to be shut off for an additional day but we did get rid of port a potties on Thursday (YEAH)
  • Plus between Rockwood Water District and the Contractor (yes it took both of them) we did have to have flush the whole neighborhoods water system to clean it out late Tuesday night. This was pre flood but a huge inconvenience for the whole neighborhood
  • Water is back on and we have had no trouble since 4/23/14 so I am putting the flood and the sleepiness night behind me and moving forward
  • We did get exterior supports up on the Louise Building
  • And did start framing, WE HAVE WALLS. If you haven't seen them yet take a second and check it out.

Next week will be equally busy. Expect lots of activity as we:

  • Continue framing the new residence
  • Pour the slab for the Sub Acute addition (Tuesday). Again there are web cams up if anyone is tempted
  • We are expecting the residence roof trusses to be delivered on Wednesday
  • Will be taking the Cold Storage Building down this week also
  • Cold Storage Demo will affect the Sub Acute playground late in the week as we are moving the West fence in an attempt to make up some square footage that was lost when we adjusted the North fence. I am hoping for rain Thursday and Friday, sorry
  • We will be finishing up the interior demo at the Louise but still have some mitigation, wiring, and misc. elements to address so not done yet
  • Might (although it is a big might) see a wall or two appear for the Sub Acute expansion

Just a heads up but coming up in the near future:

  • The cut into the Sub Acute building. We will begin discussion this next week on schedule and plan just letting everyone know more is coming. Believe it or not there is an end in sight.
  • Lots for hammering as we begin framing on both buildings

Can't thank everyone, especially the neighbors, enough for their patience and support this last week. It was a trying one for everybody yet everyone, but me, handled the water shut down, flood, and resulting issues with so much grace that it warmed my heart. A huge thank you to everyone. If you have any questions, concerns, issues, or etc. please don't hesitate to give me a call.

Pam Krecklow
Albertina Kerr

Garden Fresh Produce Available Year-round. Local Farmer's Markets 2014-15

Local Farmer's Markets reopen. Enjoy the freshest produce and products. Find farmer's markets here!

Stretch your grocery dollars at the farmer's market

Enjoy the best produce, flowers, and plants starts direct from the garden.

Healthy and fresh
Farmer’s markets are a fantastic source for fresh, seasonal, locally produced foods and artisan products. Plus, you'll find great activities and fun for the whole family. Come experience the markets. Meet the vendors. Meet local cooks. Enjoy the freshest produce and products. Make your own statement in support of local food.

Want to grow your own vegetables?
Check out Portland Nursery's 12-month "Veggie Calendar" planting guide here.

Portland's east side Farmer's Markets

(Complete details on these area markets below)

You'll find plenty of root vegetables, braising greens and lettuces, and of course plant starts for your own vegetable garden.

Bring your reusable shopping bags and plenty of small bills, though some of the markets will trade you a credit/debit card for wooden tokens that all vendors accept, which can be easier to handle than cash. We've indicated those markets that accept EBT or other food assistant coupons.

Every Drop Counts: Simple Steps Save Water and Money During Fix-a-Leak Week and Beyond

Every Drop Counts: Simple Steps Save Water and Money During Fix-a-Leak Week and Beyond: March 17-23, 2014. Info here!

Water. Save a Little. Help a Lot!

Regional Water Providers Consortium offers free indoor water saving kits.

Many of us have ignored the sound of a trickling stream coming from our toilet, or maybe we’ve chosen to overlook those small, slow drips from a bathroom faucet or kitchen sink.

After all, how much water do they really waste?

According to the EPA, more than 1 trillion gallons of water leak every year in homes across the U.S. That’s enough water to sustain the population of Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami combined each year. It’s also estimated that leaks in almost 10 percent of American homes drip away nearly 90 gallons of water a day. In the greater Portland metro area, that can mean about $100 in water charges literally going down the drain each year.

Many of these leaks occur in old fixtures, such as leaky toilets, faucets and showerheads. Fix these drips and you'll be amazed at how much water and money you can save.

Albertina Kerr Begins Construction on $1.5M Project in West Gresham

Albertina Kerr Begins Construction on $1.5M Project in West Gresham. Info here!

Construction on a new sub-acute care addition, and a new residential facility, are set to begin in March at Albertina Kerr Centers Gresham Campus, 722 NE 162nd Ave. Work on the project is expected to be completed in July.

The 6,000 square feet of new space, a new exercise area and parking lot improvements will allow the facility to serve approximately 25% more children and families.

New K-12 Charter School Coming to Rockwood, Project To Begin April 2014, Completion 2015

Nadaka Nature Park & Garden Project, Improvements Coming in 2014. Info here!
Sunrise Rockwood Charter School, Click to enlarge

Starting in April, demolition will begin to make way for construction of a new three-story, 53,000 square foot building for the Sunrise Rockwood Charter School at 19034 SE Stark Street in West Gresham.

The new 700 student K-12 school will have twenty-eight classrooms, a student commons, administrative offices, auditorium, food services, plus covered and open outdoor play areas.

Rockwood Community Development Corporation, the project's developer, says the Corbett Charter School Association has agreed on a lease to create the new school, which will border E. Burnside and S.E. Stark Street along the MAX Blue Line.

The success of the nationally acclaimed Corbett Charter School, which shares school buildings inside the Corbett School District, has created a waiting list of new students (mostly from east Multnomah county) wanting to enroll in the highly successful program. High demand and lack of space is one of the reasons for building the new school.

Nadaka Nature Park & Garden Project, Improvements Coming in 2014

Nadaka Nature Park & Garden Project, Improvements Coming in 2014. Info here!

2013 was a very productive year for the Friends of Nadaka team which includes the Audubon Society of Portland (Audubon) and Columbia Slough Watershed Council (CSWC).

By Lee Dayfield, Friends of Nadaka

Audubon released a Cooper’s Hawk and brought their educational birds to the Nadaka Community Festival. Over 300 people attended the Festival last August. This year’s Festival will be held September 27th. You can view the release of the Cooper’s Hawk on YouTube by searching for Nadaka Nature Park.

The Nadaka Nature Park & Garden Project was awarded an Oregon State Parks grant in the amount of $523,480. These funds will be used to cover the large capital improvements such as the restrooms and covered picnic shelter.

Wilkes East Spring 2014 Newsletter Is Here! Find Out What's Happening In Your Neighborhood

Wilkes East Neighborhood, Gresham Oregon USA. Diversity, Harmony, Community - Together we can make a difference!

Wilkes East Spring 2014 Newsletter Is Here! Find Out What's Happening In Your Neighborhood. Inside this issue: New K-12 Rockwood Charter School; Free! Earth Day Recycling, Apr 19; Fix-a-Leak Week, March 17-23; Albertina Kerr Construction Begins; Nadaka Nature Park/Garden Project ;Neighborhood Clean-Up, Jun 28th. Click here!
Click to download

"Diversity, Harmony, Community -
Together we can make a difference!”



  • New K-12 Rockwood Charter School
  • Free! Earth Day Recycling, Apr 19
  • Fix-a-Leak Week, March 17-23
  • Albertina Kerr Construction Begins
  • Nadaka Nature Park/Garden Project
  • Neighborhood Clean-Up, Jun 28th

Download the full-color edition here. Now with clickable links!

Newsletters are a regular publication of the Wilkes East Neighborhood Association. They are hand-delivered to over 1,500 residences and businesses in our area, timed to correspond with our regular meetings.

Looking for a past issue? Check out the newsletter archive.

Got a story to share?
Wilkes East residents are encouraged to submit articles for the newsletter. Articles should be limited to 300 words and may be subject to editing. Send articles by email to: info@wilkeseastna.org, or by postal mail to: PO Box 536 • Fairview, OR 97024.

Laminated Root Rot and Nadaka Nature Park: Managing a Hidden Killer

Laminated Root Rot. Click to enlarge

Laminated Root Rot and Nadaka Nature Park

Abel Gebrezgi and Jim Labbe
Audubon Society of Portland

Laminated root rot (LRR) is a fungal pathogen, Phellinus weirii, also known as yellowing ring rot. (LLR gets its name from the lamination of the decayed wood (see photo above). This fungus is widespread in Southern British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, northern California and western Montana.). It is one of the most damaging root diseases amongst conifers, especially firs and cedars, in the Pacific Northwest. Douglas fir, Mountain hemlock, Western hemlock, Grand fir, and Pacific silver fir are highly susceptible to infection by this pathogen. Pine species like Western white pine and Ponderosa pine and larch are more resistant to it while hardwoods are immune. The fungus was first discovered in 1914, on Western red cedar in Idaho. The first reported case in Douglas fir was in 1940, at Cowichan Lake, British Columbia.

The mycelium of LRR doesn’t grow in the soil and the spores do not spread by wind like most fungal pathogens. Infection occurs when roots of healthy trees grow in contact with infected roots.

Click to enlarge

After initial contact with a living root, the mycelium grows on the bark, extending only a few inches into the surrounding soil. The mycelium penetrates the host through the injured bark and advances along newly infected roots. Symptoms include crown yellowing and thinning, distress of cones, red-brown staining of outer heartwood, and separation of annual rings. Less discernible is the root rot which eventually decays the roots, destabilizes the tree, and leads to death and toppling. In addition to the loss of mature trees within a stand, LRR creates potential hazards from tree fall especially in small urban parks. The number of cases of the LRR disease has increased substantially with the presence of fire suppression and resulting dominance of Douglas-fir and Grand fir.

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