City of Gresham "Big Box" Retail Design and Development Standards Community Forum: Oct 14, 2010 6:30PM

10/14/2010 - 6:30pm
City of Gresham
A Big Box in Wilkes East?
181/Halsey, 1 of 4 possible sites

City of Gresham "Big Box" Code nears completion.

Everyone's Invited!
Community Forum,
Thursday Oct 14th 6:30PM

When: Thursday, October 14, 2010 6:30PM
Where: Gresham City Hall
Rooms 2A and 2B
1333 NW Eastman Pkwy
Gresham, Oregon 97030
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Community Forum

"This is a meeting for anyone and everyone to come and listen to and participate in the latest proposed version of the 'Big Box' code. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.", Susan Wells, President Southwest Neighborhood. (See 'Related Content', and 'More info from Susan Wells' below)

The purpose of the ("Big Box") project is to create regulations that ensure commercial development meets the community's vision and to ensure high-quality design for retail and other commercial development along arterial streets in the corridor district. The Code regulations will result in commercial developments that:

  • Are attractive with high quality design and materials
  • Promote a sense of community and livability
  • Support the City's sustainability goals
  • Address safety concerns

The purpose of this forum is to present information on:

  • The proposed land use district location changes for Community Commercial and Moderate Commercial
  • The Draft Commercial Design Guidelines and Standards Code

The meeting will include an open house at 6:30PM followed by a presentation/discussion session starting at 6:45PM.


  • Open House
  • Presentation
  • Question/Answer Discussion


Contact: Dan McAuliffe by phone, 503-618-2514 or email

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More info from Susan Wells

Please join me at the community forum regarding the Large Retail Development Standards ('Big Box Code') on: Thursday, October 14 6:30PM at Gresham City Hall.

I have been to many (many) meetings about this new proposed code, and although I know many of you have expressed concerns and interest in this subject over the past 5 years this will be your last chance to hear, make comments and have input about it. Plus a good turn out shows that as citizens you find it to be an important issue.

Attached is a Memo (see 'Memo' link below) that puts the information regarding the code in a very short and hopefully understandable form. I have highlighted the important sections. Also attached are maps (see 'Current and Proposed Land Use Districts' link below) showing which properties received zone changes. All of these changes are to retail zones that prohibit buildings as large as the ones allowed under the current code. There are other approximately four properties left in the City that ended up with the same zoning label they had before, but that community commercial zone (CC) will be changed to have a building size limit of 100.000 sq. ft. versus currently having no limit.

For reference: Old QFC, Best Buy, Borders, Old Navy - all are about 40,000 sq ft. K-Mart: 118,000 sq ft, WinCo: 85,000 sq ft, Gresham Fred Meyer: 190,000 sq ft, 2004/5 proposed Wal-Mart: 220,000 sq ft.

There will also be higher design standards required for any building over 30,000 sq ft. (ie. Windows, landscaping, sustainability etc.)

To understand the necessity and importance of why Gresham needs to add this Large Retail Code to the existing code and to get a feel for the complexity of the issue, please peruse through the 72 page proposed code (see 'Draft Retail Design and Development Standards' link below) that is attached.

Upcoming meetings

  • Nov. 8 - Planning Commission Hearing - to approve or disapprove the new code.
  • Dec. 7 - City Council Hearing - to approve or disapprove the new code.
  • Dec 21 - City Council - will enact the code (We hope).

Thank you,
Suzan Wells

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