Gresham Code Enforcement visits Capri Terrace Fall 2010 Neighborhood Watch meeting

Gresham Code Enforcement visits Capri Terrace Fall 2010 Neighborhood Watch meeting held Sep 25, 2010
Capri Terrace neighbors
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Gresham Code Enforcement
speaks to neighbors about
recognizing & reporting violations

Food, friends and celebrations
cap a sunny Fall afternoon

Capri Terrace Fall Meeting

The 25th of September was a beautiful day for the gathering of the Capri Terrace Neighborhood Watch group. Good turn out considering the distractions of family activities of football, soccer, birthday parties and other family get-togethers. 20 plus members were in attendance, which represented 13 households, plus 1 guest speaker, Rita Humphrey’s from the Gresham City Code Enforcement Division.

Ms Humphrey’s brought along some handouts to help the group in recognizing violations and how to report them. Naturally strange cars in the neighborhood and messy yards come to mind, but she also emphasized keeping traffic signs clear of tree limbs and other hazards. Residents are responsible for keeping vision fields up to 30 feet clear. Be especially aware of what transpires in and around vacant properties such as graffiti, broken windows and transients loitering around the premises.

Glenn Mathews Watch Coordinator gave an update of the happenings in our Neighborhood Watch area, which were relatively ZERO. Glenn recapped the things we need to continue to do:

  • porch lights on
  • motion lights kept fresh
  • locking your car doors
  • don’t leave anything valuable in the car or around your property
  • a walk through the neighborhood periodically
  • and be alert to new people in the area

Sex Offenders nearby

Apparently, we do have a couple of sex offenders living nearby. Glenn also mentioned even though we are doing well, we should not become complacent. Visit the State of Oregon Sex Offender Inquiry System website for a map of sex offenders living in your area.

Food, friends and celebrations!

Good food, friends and some celebrating was enjoyed. We celebrated & honored Warren Voge on his up coming 90th birthday and the 25th wedding anniversary of Daphne & Glenn Mathews. It was a great day!

Next Meeting

The next Capri Terrace Watch Meeting will be in mid-February (DTA). The Simmon’s and the Freiermuth’s will host the gathering at the Simmon’s home (Watch this website for date & time).

Learn more

For more information about this Watch Group or about forming your own group contact Glenn & Daphne Mathew, Capri Terrace Neighborhood Watch coordinators, 503-257-3111, email:

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