Pacific Drive holds Spring 2009 Neighborhood Watch meeting

Pacific Drive holds Spring 2009 Neighborhood Watch meeting. Start your watch group today!

Pacific Drive group shown
'mapping' project.
Positive real estate news presented.

Spring meeting well attended

Pacific Drive Neighborhood Watch group held a Pot Luck luncheon for their Spring meeting on Saturday the 25th of April with 10 households represented.

Meetings are open to all neighbors in the vicinity of: NE 168th Ave (between NE Pacific Dr and NE Oregon St), and NE 169th Pl (between NE Hassalo St and NE Pacific Dr). Get map!.

Member presentations

Art Abbott showed his neighborhood 'mapping' project to the group and asked the group for additional information in order to complete it.

Jim Kunkle, realtor, spoke to the group regarding real estate values in the Wilkes East area. Jim described some of the creative ideas brokers and contractors are using in our area to sell homes. He also mentioned there were no foreclosures recorded for our area.

Next meeting

The group is planning a BBQ social for later this summer.

For information, contact Harold & Lucielle Tyler by phone at (503) 252-2681, or email Meetings are quarterly. Call or email for details.