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For more information, visit the Neighborhood Associations page at or contact Cathy Harrington at 503-618-2482, or email

Beware, Aggressive Door-to-Door Cleaning Products Salespeople Canvassing West Gresham neighborhoods

Beware, Agressive Door-to-Door Salespeople Canvassing West Gresham area selling Advanage citrus cleaning products.  Info here!
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Just Say No!
Then, quickly close your door

Don't let these pushy salespeople take "Advanage" of you

Aggressive and rude!

Several Capri Terrace residents in West Gresham's Wilkes East Neighborhood have reported being confronted by "pretty darn aggressive" and somewhat rude salespeople going door-to-door selling ADVANAGE cleaning sprays for Georgia based T&B Sales. This company has a sketchy reputation and many complaints for its over-the-top high-pressure sales tactics - dating back to their beginning in 2000.

One neighbor said "I had to be aggressive right back in order to shoo him away, I thought his tactics were a bit peculiar. His foot-in-the door antics was a bit unnerving to me".

Reports of T&B Sales representatives going doot-to-door selling Advanage cleaner without a permit or license have appeared recently in local newspapers from Portland to Longview and on several television stations warning area residents -- including this May 21st story on KGW TV's website.

"Don't even engage them in conversation," said one local sheriff's community policing office. "Just explain to them that you're not interested and close the door."

T&B sales has a troubled history in Oregon. In 2008, the attorney general's office issued a consumer alert after sales reps were charged with fraud, theft and illegal drug activity.

If a T&B Sales representative comes to your door you should contact your local police non-emergency telephone number. In Gresham the non-emergency number is 503-823-3333.

Reynolds selects Henstrand as superintendent through June 2011

Reynolds selects Henstrand as superintendent through June 2011.  Info here!
Joyce Henstrand

Board appoints interim leader for one year beginning July 1

The Reynolds School Board voted unanimously Thursday, May 13, to appoint Joyce Henstrand – currently the interim superintendent – the district’s permanent superintendent until June 30, 2011.

Source: The Gresham Outlook (May 14, 2010)

The board has been searching for a permanent superintendent for the past five months, and Henstrand had not applied for the position. However, Theresa Delaney Davis, the board chairwoman, said the board did not believe any of the candidates it had interviewed “was a perfect match,” and added the board was impressed with Henstrand’s work as interim superintendent.

“Since January 2010, we’ve seen remarkable progress toward our goals,” Davis said. “The district is operating within an improved organizational structure, there was increased transparency in the budget process, staff morale is improving and additional resources and supports for the students are being actively sought.

“We are pleased that Dr. Henstrand will continue the exceptional job she has been doing,” Davis said, noting, for example, that the district expects “significant” improved state test results this year.

Reynolds Education Foundation Car Rally & Roker Run: May 15, 2010 9:30AM

05/15/2010 - 9:30am

Reynolds Education Foundation Car Rally & Roker Run: May 15, 2010 9:30AM. Info here!

“Ride for Reynolds”
Car Rally and Poker Run

Saturday May 15th 9:30AM

When: Saturday May 15, 2010 9:30AM
Where: Reynolds High School
1698 SW Cherry Park Rd
Troutdale, OR 97060

Get Map!

Join the Fun!

Reynolds Education Foundation will host a car rally/poker run, May 15th starting at 9:30 am at Reynolds High School.

Visit district businesses to collect your poker hand and raffle tickets.

Registration is available at 503 256-2088. $25 covers your poker hand, raffle tickets, and BBQ at the end of the run back at Reynolds High School.

Rejoice! Local farmers market's reopen for 2010

Local Farmers Market reopen. Enjoy the freshest produce and products. FInd farmers markets here!.

Stretch your grocery dollars
at the farmers market!

Enjoy the best produce and products, flowers, and plants starts direct from the garden.

Healthy and fresh

Farmer’s Markets are a fantastic source for fresh, seasonal, locally produced foods, and artisan products. Plus, there are activities and fun for the whole family. So come experience the market. Meet the vendors. Meet other cooks. Enjoy the freshest produce and products. Make your own statement in support of local food!

(Grow your own vegetables? Click here for Portland Nursery's 12-month "Veggie Calendar" planting guide)

Details on these area markets can be found below.

You'll find plenty of root vegitables, braising greens and lettuces, and of course plant starts for your own vegetable garden.

Bring your reusable shopping bags and plenty of small bills, though some of the markets will trade you a credit/debit card for wooden tokens that all vendors accept, which can be easier to handle than cash. We've indicated those markets that accept Oregon Trail or other food assistant coupons - more access to good food for all.

Container redemption center approved for Wood Village

Container redemption center approved for Wood Village. Opening July 2010. Info here!

Halsey Street facility to supplant three East County grocery store collectors

Source: The Gresham Outlook (Apr 19, 2010)

Oregon’s first beverage container redemption center will open this summer in Wood Village.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) approved an application from the Portland-based Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC) for the proposed center at 23345 NE. Halsey St.

When it opens this summer, the facility will redeem beverage containers of all types and brands. It marks the first time since 1971 the state has authorized a redemption-only center separate from local grocery stores.

Once opened, beverage containers will no longer be accepted at Fred Meyer, Wood Village; Safeway, Cherry Park Road; and Wal-Mart, Wood Village. Instead, the containers will be taken at the Halsey Street Redemption Center as well as smaller retailers in the area.

Gresham Police Department issues their 2009 Annual Report

2009 Gresham Police Annual Report Issued. Info here!
Chief Craig Junginger
Gresham Police Department

Calls for police services increased in 2009

Violent crime is down, theft & vandelism rise, response times improve

First Annual Report Issued

Gresham Police Chief Craig Junginger recently released the first annual report for the Gresham Police Department. The report summarizes crime and accident data, police programs, and personnel highlights from 2009.

Highlights of the report include the activities of the three divisions of the police department, the department's community involvement, and 2009 crime statistics.

How's the parking in historic Downtown Gresham? Take the survey!

How's the parking in historic Downtown Gresham? Take the survey -- Now through June 2010!

Share your thoughts and opinions on parking in Downtown Gresham.

Take the online survey.
Now through June!

Downtown Parking Survey

What’s your opinion of parking in historic Downtown? Is it hard to find a parking space, or just fine? You are invited to share your thoughts and opinions on parking in Downtown Gresham through an online survey.

As part of the Downtown Parking Plan project, the City has developed questions regarding parking availability and preferences among those who use Downtown parking. Answers to questions also will help guide how to manage and provide parking in the future.

The survey will be available through June. Please spread the word. Click here to take the survey!

Graffiti problem returns to Gresham. Report 'tagging' immediately!

Help the City of Gresham stop the explosion of graffiti, Report It Immediately!  Info here!
Graffiti effects everyone!

Graffiti damages our property, and impacts our community

Help eliminate graffiti -- report it immediately!

Help with Graffiti Problem

The City of Gresham has reported an explosion in graffiti around town since the Holiday season. Graffiti damages property, and casts a bad light on our community. Don't let vandals take control of your neighborhood. We encourage everyone to help combat this problem!

Within 24 hours of graffiti appearing:

  1. Take a picture of the graffiti
    (send it to Cathy Harrington, email,
  2. Report graffiti to the police at 503-618-2463. Do not call 911!
    (there is an officer dedicated to following up right now because the problem's so rampant), and
  3. Clean it off or paint over it
    (contact Cathy for graffiti removal kits or help).

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Remember, graffiti effects everyone!

Celebrate St Patrick's Day on the Plaza: Wednesday Mar 17, 2010 4-7PM

03/17/2010 - 4:00pm
03/17/2010 - 7:00pm
The Center for the Art Foundation presents St Patrick's Day the Plaza, Wednesday March 17th 2010 4-7PM. Info here!

The Center for the Art Foundation presents

St Patrick's Day the Plaza
Wednesday March 17th 4-7PM

A Free Celebration of All Things Irish!

When: Wednesday March 17, 2010 4:00PM-7:00PM
Where: The Center for the Arts Plaza
between NE 2nd & 3rd on NE Hood St
Gresham OR
Get Map!


  • Irish Lass Ms. Lynn Kelly Mistress of Ceremonies
  • The Shamrocks featuring Julie & Shannon McCarl
  • Beer Garden, sponsored by 4th Street Brewing Company
  • Irish Dancers from An Daire Academy of Celtic Arts
  • Irish Food courtesy of Busy Bee Catering
  • A "Shamrock" Walk for fun & prizes
  • Face Painting
  • Airbrush Art courtesy of Lee Lauritzen
  • Photos with Mr. Leprechaun
    (bring your camera)

Free activities!!! Minimal charge for food and beverages.

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